Premium Essential Oil Set - 100% Pure Essential Oil

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AromaSparkle™ Essential Oils

Eucalyptus brings optimism and concentration, relieves stress and sadness, and carries a strong aroma.

Lavender helps cognitive functions and alertness, relieves anxiety and depression, and carries a floral aroma.

Lemongrass yields calmness and clarity, relieves fatigue and confusion, and carries a strong lemon-like aroma.

Sweet Orange promotes optimism and peace, relieves anger and depression, and carries a fresh, sweet orange peel aroma.

Peppermint stimulates concentration and clear thinking, relieves fatigue, and carries a strong mint aroma.

Tea tree promotes mental strength and calmness, relieves stress, and carries a warm and spicy aroma.

Easy To Apply

Add water to your preferred level. Add 2-4 drops of your favourite essential oil(s) into the diffuser. Close the lid. Press the "on" button and let the aroma fill the room.


30 Day Risk-Free Guarantee

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