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AromaSparkle Premium Home Fragrance for Humidifiers - 10ml Spray Bottle

€5,49 €6,95

Make your Home smell like Heaven

Do you want your humidifier not only to improve your air quality, but also to wrap your rooms in a heavenly fragrance? Then we have found the perfect solution for you!

Simply spray the home fragrance a few times into the water tank of the humidifier, turn on the humidifier and feel the room slowly filling up with our wonderful fragrances.

Thanks to the convenient 10ml spray bottle, you can try several scents and find your favorite one, but we warn you - it's hard to choose, each scent smells amazing.



AromaSparkle Kyōto

A sweet scent by the coconut, paired with fresh eucalyptus, creamy sandalwood, rose and patchouli. An oriental composition reminding of Arabian Nights.

AromaSparkle Yokohama (our recommendation)

A fresh note of sparkling lemon refined with somber sandalwood, invigorating cardamom, Japanese matcha tea and jasmine

AromaSparkle Tokyo

Intoxicating spices refined with the finest iris plant and dark leather notes.


100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

97.6% of our Customers in 2019 were happy with their products and we can't wait to make you happy!

We have implemented a Risk-Free 30-Day Guarantee that begins when you receive the product. If your product isn't working or is not as described we will do anything we can to make you happy. That's our AromaSparkle-Promise. :)


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