Do you have a large social media account (5000+ Followers) and want to make money every day by promoting our products? Read through the informations below to learn how to profit from our incredibly successful start-up company!

Our partners earn money every day by promoting our products. Everytime someone buys a product from our website with your unique discount code, you get a commission on the sold items. The commission that most of our partners get is 20%. That means that you receive 20% of the money that your audience spends on our website. If you for example promote our product on your instagram page and due to that post 30 people decide to purchase (which will approximately will be 1350€ of revenue), you receive 270€. 

How much money will I approximately make per month for X sales per month? *

10 Sales  ~90€ per month
30 Sales ~270€ per month
100 Sales ~900€ per month
250 Sales ~2250€ per month
500+ Sales ~4500+€ per month


* For the table above we assumed that a customer spends 45€ on average on our website. This is a pretty accurate number and it will not change much over time. 

If you are interested and you want to have more information about the program, please don't hesitate and contact us under