We are a start-up company from Vienna, Austria, specializing in fancy quality humidifiers. Furthermore, we offer home fragrance that is specially designed to be used in combination with our room humidifiers.
We are very happy with our final products and so are our numerous customers.

Our vision.

It all started with a relaxed evening in a beer bar in Vienna. We and a couple of friends of mine chatted while drinking a cold beer and one of them told me about a humidifier he had ordered. I just thought: "Why does a grown man need a humdifier?!", but he explained to me all the advantages that such a device has. What can I say? I was thrilled and thought to myself, the idea is expandable!

So the next day I went to see another colleague and we came up with plans for an innovative, modern humidifier that would not only be able to make the air more humid, but would also spread a pleasant scent. 

Plans for the future.

We currently ship from Vienna and pack each package by hand to ensure a certain packaging-quality. Unfortunately, our international shipping costs are quite high, as we only ship from Vienna. We would like to change this in the future by opening several warehouses internationally.