In this section we will answer some frequently asked questions and will try to solve all the problems you may face with our humidifiers. 

My humidifier is barely spraying any mist or no mist at all. What can I do?

In most cases, the problem is easy to solve.

- Make sure that you let the filter soak in water for a minute, before using the humidifier. Simply put the filter in a bowl of water for a minute. 

- Check if you didn’t lose the little metal spring that is placed inside of the tube where the filter is. 

-Try using a new cotton filter, if you used your filter for a long period (1-2 months), or if you forgot to let the filter dry between every use. 

- If you already checked the two points above and they didn’t solve your problem, please try to clean your humidifier as explained here: On the top of your humidifier is a small metal membrane that is vibrating quick to diffuse the water. After using the humidifier for a while, the calcium from the tap water could stick to the metal membrane. Please check if the metal membrane is clean or if there is any dirt on top of it. If you find dirt on the metal membrane, please use a sharp object (e.g. knife) to carefully scratch off the dirt. 

I can’t smell the home fragrance that I added to the water tank of the humidifier.

- It can take up to ~15 minutes until the filter soaks up the home fragrance and therefore it could take a while until the mist of the humidifiers smells like the home fragrance added. Just let the humidifier run and check again after 15 minutes.

-Add the home fragrance at first and then add the water.