Humidity and Plants, the "Key to Success"?

Whether you are a real plant fan or you just have some plants at home, you should for sure take a look at your humidity levels at your home, since humidity influences the growth and the well-being of your plants quite a bit. Some people even say that the right humidity level can often be the "key to success".


What is humidity and how much do my plants need?

Humidity is the relative amount of water vapor contained in the air. As temperature rises the capacity of the air to hold water vapor increases.

It is measured on a scale of “relative humidity” ranging from 0% which is dry, to 100% that is completely saturated. Fog, for example, would indicate 100% relative humidity.

Most houseplants will want to be in an environment with 30-40% relative humidity. However, ones that are more humidity sensitive will need to be 60% or more humidity. The thinner and more papery the leaves are, the greater the likelihood of it needing higher humidity. Plants with thicker, waxier leaves are better able to withstand dry air.


The problem of low humidity

A lot of tropical plants need a relative air humidity of up to 50-80%! By contrast, many homes are virtually bone dry, especially in the winter months as heat pumps kick on and blow hot, dry air throughout the home. In these homes, a humidity of 20 percent is generally normal. As you can maybe imagine, in this scenario the plants can’t grow like in their natural habitat, which you can also see on the plant.

If your plant has low humidity, symptoms can include:

  • Shrivelling
  • Scorching
  • Browning or crisping
  • Wilting

The solution to the problem

A great and convenient way to increase the humidity is to use a humidifier, but not all humidifiers work the same are therefore useful to moisten your plants. Our AromaSparkle humidifiers have a little metal plate built in, that vibrates ultra-fast. As soon as the water from the water tank gets to this metal plate, it gets diffused in very small water particles that get released into the air, which results in very fine mist. This fine mist is perfect for the plants since it is much easier to absorb for them.

We recommend placing the humidifier about 1-2 feet (30-60cm) away from the plants, since they also need some space to breathe and the mist of the humidifier should be able to distribute in the air.

In most cases, the difference in plant growth and health is greaten that expected when our customers first start to use an AromaSparkle humidifier. Besides the positive effects on plants, humidifiers also have several benefits for the human body. Click here to learn more.

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